Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boy or Girl?

 I was telling my husband the other day how I want to be a better blogger. He assured me that I did NOT want to be a true blogger because I hardly pay attention to this blog. Well, I wanted this to be a joint effort. It is GABE AND jenni?!?! Oh well... I am going to try harder to make this more of a priority.

 Anyhow, I recently left my part-time job to finish out my pregnancy in style. My sweet husband has supported my decision to stay home and tend to "baby things." I have recently cleaned our bathroom for the first time in months, done 8 loads of laundry, will be attempting my Yoga video later and I haven't even scratched the surface of all the things I want to do with this new life of mine. 

 The first priority for me was hosting a gender reveal party at our home. We had all of our close friends and family over for a BBQ, and we took part in a riveting cutting of the cake. We had an amazing cake made to  reveal the gender Baby Patillo to everyone. Gabe and I had no clue what it was, we found out along with everyone else. It was our most exciting party yet!! Not that I didn't already know, but I was even more convinced that we have the BEST friends and family in the world. 

 Enjoy the pics!