Friday, November 9, 2012


I sometimes feel like I need to blog about a project or show noteworthy pictures, but then I realize that only 2 people read my blog....two of my besties and my blog was never intended to be a projects blog. So, today, I am just writing! I am in super good spirits because I woke up to a happy baby who went back down for her morning nap perfectly and the sun is shining. Forget that Amara spilled my freshly brewed cup of coffee all over the coffee table ( barely missing my laptop).... I just don't care!

Yesterday, daddy left and I was feeling a little un-optomistic about facing the day alone with a fussy baby, but that was YESTERDAY, and the Lord makes all things new in the morning huh? I feel like my head is in a MILLION places right now, and my memory is not serving me well these days! Yep, there babe, I said it! I actually had to go buy a little planner to sit on my kitchen counter so I would actually write stuff down, and it is there staring at me DAILY! Isn't she pretty....

 I just need to make better uses of my time and organize myself a little better. We are moving Amara's room into a larger room in our house, trying to set myself up an office ( I am desperate!!), Gabe is traveling a lot, I have a Thanksgiving dinner to host (gladly), a meeting here, a flu shot there, a dog that needs grooming...the list goes on. My list is no different than the next person's, however, I bet the next person can remember their child's flu shot before the morning of :)

All this to say, I just need to focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to create perfection in my everyday! It just isn't possible! I am really trying to learn to let go of the dusty baseboards and blinds, and tell myself that that doesn't have to be taken care of TODAY. A lot of times, I get overwhelmed and then I just shut down and don't do ANYTHING. Not. good.

So, today is my fresh start. I believe there is a balance in managing time better to accomplish more, but not killing myself over every little thing that didn't get done that day. Happy Friday everyone!! Do what makes you happy this weekend so that when Monday rolls around, you feel accomplished AND relaxed!

My most relaxing moment of the day.....mornings with my little love! I cherish them!