Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let's Celebrate!

I normally, do not post on the weekends, however, I am so excited to share photos from Amara's First Birthday Celebration! I find myself at a loss when trying to put into words just how much LOVE Amara was showered with. I actually felt like it was MY birthday because I got to open presents and when people come love on Amara, I got to partake because I held her most of the night .... ;) No, seriously though.....Gabe and I are extremely humbled by the way people love on us through our daughter! Our cup is overflowing!

  We were quite a drive for several families that attended, we had a mom who came sans kiddos and hubby ( youngest baby was sick with a cold), another family practically coming straight from the hospital, friends who did projects for me from their home to take some of the load off of my shoulders when it came to all the itty bitty details, one of our couple friends helped Gabe and me the entire day set up and hang decorations, then ran home to shower and bake brownies for our party only to come right back over, neighbors who offered up their entire swing set to all of the children who attended and we even had friends let us borrow equipment so that we could go the extra mile for our guests ( projector & camera equipment, props for our photo booth, etc.)....I could go on and on!!!

   I LOVE throwing parties soooooo much!!! I have dreamt of this day since I first held Amara in my arms. My husband was such a trooper too! He never complained and hardly ever questioned my ideas.....thank you baby! You were so instrumental in helping make this day so special for us to look back on! You totally cater to us ladies in the family, and I am so grateful!

All in all, it was a great night to celebrate with family and the people who have poured into Amara this year! I put Amara to bed last night while listening to all of our guests downstairs last night, and as I prayed over her, I was thanking God for every single person downstairs. As Gabe and I said our bedtime prayers last night, he asked that God just continue to bless and watch over the people that have done the same to our family! Thank you all so much...from the bottom of our humbled hearts!

The invitation....

We did an ombre peach watercolor envelope that was hand cut to a custom size to fit the chalkboard.

We printed a "birthday photo" I took of Amara out to use as the envelope liner.

I have to admit that I spared everyone, but my sister of the confetti. It just kept getting caught in the creases of the envelope and didn't really present itself like I had hoped when you open the invite. Since we had to send my sister her invite in a bubble mailer to Key West, FL, I decided to put ALLLLLLL the confetti that we had punched for every invite in her bubble mailer :) hehe! We were happy to find out that it spilled out all over her workspace.


My friend, Leah, hand wrote each individual invitation!! I thought they were so stunning, and they turned out to be more beautiful than I had imagined they would. 

All the little details....

Homemade Funfetti cake!

Fun gathering out in our yard at the end of the night to watch Amara's 1 year video.....

And some photo booth fun of course.....

 Here is a link to Amara's 1 year video if you want a good laugh and a few tears ;)!
Amara's 1 year video


  1. Aw, congrats on all fronts! Looks like you all had a blast!

  2. Leave it to Uncle Tom! Jenni, you're an inspiration. Congrats to you, Gabe and Amara on your little happy family. You are truly Blessed.

  3. Every little detail was thoughtful and beautiful!

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