Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Extravaganza!

So, this weekend Gabe got to be home and I took full advantage. Saturday was Pumpkin Fest in downtown Franklin so we met up with some friends and walked around for a while. It was PERFECT weather! I DID come to the conclusion that I need new sunglasses btw. We got to see all of the little kids, dogs, and some odd teenagers dressed up ( which helps us further conclude that we are giving Amara up for adoption on her 13th birthday). I am actually not really a Halloween person. It is too short of a holiday for me to fully invest in it, but I will totally partake in a stroll down Main Street on a beautiful day!

Our friends Leah and Jeffrey have the cutest little kid, Ari ( Amara's bestie) who was Harry Potter. Leah is so extremely crafty and talented, so of course she knitted Ari's scarf so he could attend Pumpkin Fest in style! Amara just went as herself ......cuteness. Her Monkey ears had not arrived in the mail yet! The best part of the day was eating home made pumpkin donuts with hot apple cider. There was some Irish dancing going on and having a donut in one and hand and hot apple cider in the other will ironically allow you to enjoy that type of a performance. :)

First time in her "big girl" stroller

I mean......seriously!?!?! The cutest ever!!

Good Times!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


I am officially a mom. As if birthing a child isn't enough to give you that title....I have gone even further by embracing a "mom hair cut." I eat my meals standing up ( usually with a baby in my arms), I shower at night mostly, I find myself whispering a lot, I am constantly thinking of the next chore I need to complete and at what point should I attempt it, I no longer carry a purse, but I rock a super cool mustard yellow diapy bag ;).......all of these things plus many more are becoming the norm for me.

I am really embracing my house still looking like a married couple's home, not a married couple with a kid's home. There aren't toys everywhere YET!! All of this to say, I am enjoying every bit of motherhood. Gabe just returned home this week from a two week tour in Canada. We get to be a family again, and it feels great to have him home to help with a nightly feeding ( which is the best) and give her lots of kisses. I missed him so much. I have got to get my energy up to have some special time with my husband. It has already been a is time to have a date night.

Did I just say ONE MONTH!?! Crazy huh? Amara is growing and changing everyday. We went back to the doctor ( who was my pediatrician when I was a child) for her check up and she is 8 lbs and 4.4 oz. Perfectly healthy doc says!  She is starting to look around more and focus her eyes. We have seen a couple of smiles, but still mainly when she is pooping or dreaming. They absolutely melt my heart!! She loves to eat and snuggle. Overall, she is a super happy baby! Time is already flying by and I just want to take in every moment. I want to take pics of her every second of the day. :) Gabe leaves for another tour the first week of Novemeber.....she will change so much in that time! I can't wait to see what the next month holds for our little family. I am looking forward to her first Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Amara's ONE MONTH "photo shoot" below.....Happy one month baby girl!

You can see here why we needed the paci in the other pics :)

Some other sweet moments we have been able to capture....