Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bringing home baby!

So, here we 9 of life with Amara 7 of being home together. It has been such an amazing time for me personally. I am definitely still adjusting to the flood of emotions that come with having a baby, but they are all good emotions for the most part :)

Gabe has been amazing at helping out, although, he definitely gets more sleep at night than mommy :) Even on my worst night ( which was last night), I am still overjoyed to wake up to my daughter when I hear her little cry. We are getting the hang of breastfeeding and I am enjoying it so much more than I thought. She is a healthy little eater :)

Sadie is adjusting well. She has taken the backseat, and I thought that would NEVER happen. Sadie is my world, but she has been so patient with Gabe and I. She doesn't seem jealous in the least.....just really curious. She is DYING to kiss Amara. We are still trying to give her as much attention as possible, but it is hard at times.

All in all, we are doing very well. Gabe leaves this weekend for Canada for two weeks. Tears well up in my eyes anytime that thought crosses my mind or is spoken about in our house, but it is part of our life. I know Gabe's job is a calling, and that is what we have to remember. It is going to be one of the hardest things for us. I am not ready for our family to be apart yet, but I am praying that God just blesses our time apart and makes the two weeks FLY by.

Below are SOME pics of our first week at home! First bath, nap times and other cute moments we could capture! We have already taken so many pictures of her, but I won't overload the page!