Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flying a kite with daddy

Yesterday, we enjoyed a nice, relaxing afternoon at home. I got a lot of deep cleaning done in my kitchen while my two loves napped. It was pretty awesome to have silence in the house while I just cleaned....and thought. Amara is in this extremely fun ( and sometimes scary) phase of mimicking EVERYTHING that Gabe and I do. It is so cute most of the time, but I definitely don't like the word "shoot" coming out of her little 1.5 year old mouth just yet. 

Anyway, while I was looking out at them from the kitchen window, I noticed Amara putting the kite handle in her mouth ( as she had just watched Gabe do while he was getting the kite ready), and I knew I had to snap some pictures. I bought a little kite from the dollar section in Target. Who knew it would have a.) lasted more than 30 seconds b.) provided so much entertainment for Amara. 

I am just so grateful for the days and nights that we have daddy home. I am soaking it in the best that I can!


^^^ Getting a little help untangling herself ^^^

^^^ Oh, how she loves "Seeey" ( Sadie)! ^^^

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pinspiration! What I am pinning these days.....

I have been loving Pinterest a lot more than usual lately. It kind of makes me feel like I am shopping, but money isn't necessarily coming out of my wallet at that moment. We are currently in the very slow process of redoing our master bedroom ( new carpet and all), so every decision is "life or death" here, right?! ;)

Sometimes, it is just nice to get out of my head and just look for looking's sake. Then, sometimes.... constantly finding new ideas makes me want to change things CONSTANTLY! I like change...what can I say?

Here are some random pins that I have enjoyed looking at. They can also be found on my Pinterest boards HERE!

^^ Been lusting after a mint tassel key fob for a while now. ^^

^^ If I had these, they would have to sit out on my counter somewhere. Too perfect! ^^

^^ Really wanting to dip dye one of my white T-shirts. ^^

^^ I mean....this is just purty! ^^

^^ I neeeeeed this! Perfect one piece for toting my little one to the pool! ^^

^^ I have been wrestling with what color palette to go with for our bedroom. When I saw this, I knew I landed on what I wanted! ^^

^^ Just waiting for this little number to go on sale :) ^^

^^ Dying over this front door color! ^^

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Organizing my LIFE.

I have spent most of this week just trying to get a grip on my life. I will be the first to admit that I don't take Mondays very well. I just don't have the motivation to tackle the things that I need to. I think it is usually because our Mondays are like Saturdays around here. It is usually our family day since Gabe is usually gone on the weekends. Our world stops when daddy comes home :)

 Anyway, Monday I decided to get up and get going. Gabe had a busy day starting around 11:30, so I got up, made a grocery list, went to the grocery ALONE ( much faster), made some appointments, made some calls, had a couple of allergy attacks. By 2 pm, I was ready for a nap. I took a midday shower and nap I did! Then, I was ready to tackle the rest of my day. I made dinner for the family ( big deal....really, it is!), bathed Amara then had a client come over for a late night eyebrow waxing before her lead role in a music video! So excited for her!! 

With a productive beginning to my week, I have tried to make an effort to stay home more, and get some organizing done around my house! I am on a mission to completely redo this house of mine. I am soooooo tired of little things just laying around. They either need a designated space or they need to get out of my house. I think I have had the same dry cleaning pile for 2 years straight. Just take them already, Jenni!!! Things just have to change....period. 

Here are some before an afters.....nothing fancy bins or things that look pretty, just good ole fashion organizing and purging. I TRULY believe that life is easier when you don't have as much stuff. My house feels bare compared to most, but I go through a major purging phase at least every 6 months. I don't hold on to much! I was able to make space for some of Amara's craft stuff as well as throw expired pantry items out. I have a plan to make more use of my counter space in the kitchen by removing my endless mail pile that makes it way out of the actual mail holder. Again, this just all has to end! I will post pics when I tackle that.

^^ Is it bad to keep potatoes on the ground? I am planning on purchasing a three drawer tupperware from Target to store them in along with snacks. I think it works for now.^^

^^ This is our "junk drawer"...we all have them. I just need it to be a more organized junk drawer.^^

^^ I have just had these items sitting on top of my buffet for weeks. I finally cleared room in my "placemat/charger drawer" to store craft supplies for Amara. Feels so good to not see them lying around. It only took two trips to the drawer for Amara to now go on her own and ask to "cull"                ( color).^^

^^ I actually ( FINALLY) wiped all of the dust off of our bottles. I mean, if you want to have a bar cart of some sort to display these gorgeous bottles, they should be sparkling....ting! Right?!
I also threw out anything we don't drink, and added a tumbler to hold stripey straws. Why? Because they make people happy! ^^

^^ So, we keep a coin sorter in our coat closet. It is where my husband dumps all of his change so that it can go back into our pockets. We just let the full coin rolls wiggle their way around the shelf, so I finally decided that they needed a home. It just got annoying. :) ^^

Thanks for checking in! Sorry there is not much going on over here this week.....not on the blog anyway! :) 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY terrariums

I have about 10 minutes before my sweet baby wakes up from her nap, but I wanted to get this post up because I am sooooo excited to have FINALLY planted my little succulents that I bought about a week ago. I just let them rest on my window sill until I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I decided to use the vases and pots that I already had on hand. For me, this meant that I had to do a few separate plants instead of planting them all in one giant pot like I had originally envisioned.  I am so glad that I went in that direction because I change my mind A LOT. This gives me the freedom to move them throughout the house if I want or just rearrange them where they are.

 I grabbed a basic terra cotta planter that I had in the garage and spray painted it in "lemongrass"so that I could add a touch of color to our very "woody" and white dining space. It is my kind of yellowy -green, and I love it. I covered each plant with some potting soil, moss from JoAnn's fabric store, and some river rock from JoAnn's as well. I am in loooooove! They just brighten up our space so much!! Not to mention, I am not the best at keeping things alive....plant wise. I mean....I really suck at it. I am hoping that these little guys stay around for a while. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Brunch

I know we are all kind of over Mother's Day posts, but I took a break from the internet for Mother's Day and the following day kind here are my pics from a low key Mother's Day Brunch that I put together for our sweet mothers. We are so blessed around the Patillo house!! Our mom's are both 5 minutes away right now, and we do NOT take it for granted (purposely). They are so helpful and so just always there when we need them. It almost seems unreal how often we get to get out by ourselves sans baby. Thank you so much!!!!

I got to sleep in a little to kick off my special day! I was given the cutest Mother's Day card by the cutest little girl ever!! ( because our own kids are the cutest in the world, right?) ;). Gabe had treated me to a mani/pedi on Friday so I was all set for the weekend. It was pretty perfect! Amara got me an Itunes gift card to go with my new Ipad mini. It is perfection......I am so excited to get it set up and fight over it with a toddler :) She calls it a "padpad". so cute!!