Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flying a kite with daddy

Yesterday, we enjoyed a nice, relaxing afternoon at home. I got a lot of deep cleaning done in my kitchen while my two loves napped. It was pretty awesome to have silence in the house while I just cleaned....and thought. Amara is in this extremely fun ( and sometimes scary) phase of mimicking EVERYTHING that Gabe and I do. It is so cute most of the time, but I definitely don't like the word "shoot" coming out of her little 1.5 year old mouth just yet. 

Anyway, while I was looking out at them from the kitchen window, I noticed Amara putting the kite handle in her mouth ( as she had just watched Gabe do while he was getting the kite ready), and I knew I had to snap some pictures. I bought a little kite from the dollar section in Target. Who knew it would have a.) lasted more than 30 seconds b.) provided so much entertainment for Amara. 

I am just so grateful for the days and nights that we have daddy home. I am soaking it in the best that I can!


^^^ Getting a little help untangling herself ^^^

^^^ Oh, how she loves "Seeey" ( Sadie)! ^^^

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