Wednesday, January 30, 2013

16 months "mama"....

Amara became a 16 month old this month!! This post wouldn't be complete without me , once again, saying that I can't. believe. it. For me, time as a mom flies and goes so extremely slow all at the same time. Does that make sense to ANY of you mamas out there? It is only in hindsight that I feel how quickly it all goes.

All I can say is that I am having an absolute ball with her. I feel like those thoughts of "there is no way I could love another baby as much as I love her" have started to creep into my brain, and until it is proven wrong ( someday), I just choose to believe it for now. This is the month that I FINALLY heard the word "mama" roll off of her adorable little lips. I have been waiting and waiting for this moment, and it finally happened! It wasn't like she was trying to figure out her "m" sounds either. It was a genuine running to my leg and hugging it kind of thing. My eyes definitely got misty. I am sure that other mom's ( and dad's) can agree that in that moment, it is like getting a big fat check for all of the hard work you have done. That is how it was for me anyway. A few of her other words ( depending on the day) include cow, dog and cup. She has learned nose, mouth, teeth, socks, cheeks, hair, eyes just to name a few.

Amara's little legs are starting to understand that they can actually run and stomp. It very entertaining for me to let her walk around most of the places we go. It absolutely melts my heart when she looks up at me and reaches for my hand. It is even better when daddy is home because she can hold BOTH hands and do her running/stomping thing. This child does NOT let a note of music play without breaking into dance. I am not even exaggerating a little bit. Her belly laugh is out of control, and I love that for now mommy is funny. Yes! She loves brushing her teeth too! So much that her teeth have not been thoroughly brushed for the past few nights ( bad mommy, I know) due to the fact that she just holds it in her mouth and sucks on it. When I try to pry it from her Kung-Fu grip, she then tightly closes her mouth and will not let me brush. This has all been recent, and I am hoping it is a phase. A few other things she is loving right now are pushing the garage door opener, drinking out of a cup with no lid, everything Sadie ( our dog) does, and any type of electronic device.....sigh.

Amara Claire,
   Daddy and I are so absolutely in love with you. You have enriched our lives immensely. I wake up and go to sleep with you on my mind, and what I can do to help you along in this life. Your smile does more than just make mommy smile. It gives me serious butterflies in my stomach. The kind that make me want to squeeze all your cuteness so hard that you might "pop".You are such a social butterfly. You don't know a stranger, which is so cool, unlike mommy and a little scary all at the same time. I know your cuteness plays a large role in the amount of attention that you get, however, I am fully confident that you have the heart and personality to match. I love praying over you at night before I lay you down. It is my time to get to talk to Jesus about you. I pray for sweet dreams, peaceful rest, that your heart be fully open to Him, for all of the joy you bring us, and for your sweetness....among other things.   I could never thank Him enough for giving us the opportunity to be your parents. Boy, we are just the luckiest!!

Love you Boots!

Mama and Daaaaa

Beware: there is "mommy dancing" in the very blurry video below. Sometimes, we have to be silly to get these amazing laughs out of our little ones. Totally worth the embarrassment, right?

Monday, January 28, 2013

A snowy sprinkle for baby Hsu!

This past weekend I had the honor of hosting a baby sprinkle for one of my besties! Shara and I go way back....well, before we were both married with kids, which feels like a century to me! She and I were roomies before we both got swept off of our feet and got talked into getting married by our hubbies. Yep, that is how it went folks....we were just too irresistible, and they practically begged us! haha....

Baby Sprinkles are a trending thing for mommies with their second, or third, or fourth, or fifth ( Lord, help them) child on the way. It is just a nice way to celebrate them and their soon - to - be new arrival. Let me tell you, when mom's get out of the house, away from their kids, that is STILL all they talk about. Granted it was a BABY shower, but still....we just love them so much!!! It has been a couple of years since Shara's first bundle of joy, Rowen, so it was fun to get new stuff since we all know that within a year of having a baby, there are a million new gadgets out that were not available to you before.

I plan to post some pictures from some of the projects that I did for the shower throughout the month. It was a lot of fun to craft for this shower and I had great friends who let me bounce ideas off of them and borrow stuff! Thanks Lori, Leah & Lauren!!

 Invites were custom designed by my friend Lauren. She is the owner of the charming Paper Boutique in Downtown Franklin called Rock Paper Scissors. Check out her
 blog/website....if you are into really pretty things and what not ;)!

I left a plate full of envelopes ( not sure why I cut those out of this shot??) out that I had already stuffed with "thank you" notes and written Shara's return address on the back so guests could write their mailing address on them, and it would be super simple for Shara to write her "thank yous" without too much hassle.  

 I have yet to paint my buffet ( Craig's List find), but was so loving the white tassel garland up against the natural wood!! I followed a GREAT tassel garland tutorial HERE!

I didn't really know the look I was going for until I got midway through the decorating process. I really tried, and was successful at using materials I already had to keep cost down! It is hard for me to resist burlap and glitter, so they were musts! I guess it was a little "rustic, woodland, winterlandish theme??" 

I LOVE having our DIY chalkboard in the dining room, especially for parties!! A little "fake calligraphy" if you yours truly.

 I did a really simple diaper cake ( tutorial HERE) with silver ribbon and some cardboard snowflakes that I found in the dollar section of Michael's craft store that I covered in Modge Podge and dipped in glitter. My 14 year old little sis co-created this masterpiece with me :)

I knew I wanted a dessert table above everything else. There is always room for dessert right?

DIY color blocked wooden utensils! 

A perfect favor idea for a small gathering like this! Everyone was able to take a little goodie bag home to their family! On an even better note, it got most of it out of my kitchen so I wouldn't devour it all myself. My husband was out of town, trust could have easily been my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hope you had as much fun looking as I did planning! I can't wait to meet your sweet new baby boy Max and Shara! He is so lucky already to have such a sweet & caring family to be born into. Love you guys!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life lately.....according to my Iphone

With my little family spending most of the week apart, there is a LOT of picture sharing going on between Gabe and I. Loving these posts on some of my favorite blogs.....soooo, here is mine! Happy almost Friday everyone! I really hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Daddy's hoooooome!!!

Ok, maybe for only a few days, but we will most certainly take it! Getting to be together as a family from a Monday morning to a Thursday evening, quite honestly, will feel like a two week vacay. The Lord graciously brought me through nine-ish days without my husband home, and I am so grateful for my mommy/daughter time with Amara, but I am elated that we are all sitting on the couch right now watching Curious George.....just being a family. I really am so thankful for our slightly "not normal" family schedule because it makes me just relish in the moments we have together.

 I think the most important thing to note today is the fact that my husband walked in and greeted me with potted tulips!!!! WHOA!!!! It made me feel so special ...oh man! We spent most of the day just relaxing and being "lazy" was perfection!

Our daughter is OBSESSED with Iphones and Ipads. I really struggle with how much I let it entertain her, but the other day she started trying to say names of animals from Peek-a-boo Barn so I am not going to beat myself up too much, okay!? ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amara's new room (PART ONE)

It pains say this, but Amara is moving. It pains me for a couple of reasons. 1. I ( along with my bestie and hubby) worked so hard on her nursery that she has really only been sleeping in for a total of 10 months. 2. She is growing up people!!!

Amara's nursery has french doors on it, which I thought at the time would be sooooo beautiful! However, it is right at the top of our staircase and she sees and hears pretty much EVERYTHING! So, I just think it is best to move her to a room where the door ( that doesn't have windows) shuts quietly and doesn't rattle when the air kicks on and off. It wouldn't hurt her to have a little more space, as she is accumulating a lot of toys these days. Her new closet is bigger too! Maybe I should have thought all of this out while pregnant, but I didn't think this day would come so quickly to be honest.

Anyway, before I sadly dismantle the nursery of our first child * so dramatic, I know*, I thought I would share pictures of it with you all. I never completed taking photos as we got closer to her arrival. Plus, every room in my house is a continual project.... let's just be honest. I am hardly every happy. I get tired of things quickly. Even while I was pregnant, I moved my living room around weekly. I am crazy!

Here is the nursery as it stands today. I will be posting an update on her new room, and can't wait to do the final reveal!

Some extras .....if you are into cute babies with CRAZY hair...