Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amara's new room (PART ONE)

It pains say this, but Amara is moving. It pains me for a couple of reasons. 1. I ( along with my bestie and hubby) worked so hard on her nursery that she has really only been sleeping in for a total of 10 months. 2. She is growing up people!!!

Amara's nursery has french doors on it, which I thought at the time would be sooooo beautiful! However, it is right at the top of our staircase and she sees and hears pretty much EVERYTHING! So, I just think it is best to move her to a room where the door ( that doesn't have windows) shuts quietly and doesn't rattle when the air kicks on and off. It wouldn't hurt her to have a little more space, as she is accumulating a lot of toys these days. Her new closet is bigger too! Maybe I should have thought all of this out while pregnant, but I didn't think this day would come so quickly to be honest.

Anyway, before I sadly dismantle the nursery of our first child * so dramatic, I know*, I thought I would share pictures of it with you all. I never completed taking photos as we got closer to her arrival. Plus, every room in my house is a continual project.... let's just be honest. I am hardly every happy. I get tired of things quickly. Even while I was pregnant, I moved my living room around weekly. I am crazy!

Here is the nursery as it stands today. I will be posting an update on her new room, and can't wait to do the final reveal!

Some extras .....if you are into cute babies with CRAZY hair...

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  1. I looooove her nursery you crazy woman, but know it's going to be a fabulous reveal :)