Wednesday, January 30, 2013

16 months "mama"....

Amara became a 16 month old this month!! This post wouldn't be complete without me , once again, saying that I can't. believe. it. For me, time as a mom flies and goes so extremely slow all at the same time. Does that make sense to ANY of you mamas out there? It is only in hindsight that I feel how quickly it all goes.

All I can say is that I am having an absolute ball with her. I feel like those thoughts of "there is no way I could love another baby as much as I love her" have started to creep into my brain, and until it is proven wrong ( someday), I just choose to believe it for now. This is the month that I FINALLY heard the word "mama" roll off of her adorable little lips. I have been waiting and waiting for this moment, and it finally happened! It wasn't like she was trying to figure out her "m" sounds either. It was a genuine running to my leg and hugging it kind of thing. My eyes definitely got misty. I am sure that other mom's ( and dad's) can agree that in that moment, it is like getting a big fat check for all of the hard work you have done. That is how it was for me anyway. A few of her other words ( depending on the day) include cow, dog and cup. She has learned nose, mouth, teeth, socks, cheeks, hair, eyes just to name a few.

Amara's little legs are starting to understand that they can actually run and stomp. It very entertaining for me to let her walk around most of the places we go. It absolutely melts my heart when she looks up at me and reaches for my hand. It is even better when daddy is home because she can hold BOTH hands and do her running/stomping thing. This child does NOT let a note of music play without breaking into dance. I am not even exaggerating a little bit. Her belly laugh is out of control, and I love that for now mommy is funny. Yes! She loves brushing her teeth too! So much that her teeth have not been thoroughly brushed for the past few nights ( bad mommy, I know) due to the fact that she just holds it in her mouth and sucks on it. When I try to pry it from her Kung-Fu grip, she then tightly closes her mouth and will not let me brush. This has all been recent, and I am hoping it is a phase. A few other things she is loving right now are pushing the garage door opener, drinking out of a cup with no lid, everything Sadie ( our dog) does, and any type of electronic device.....sigh.

Amara Claire,
   Daddy and I are so absolutely in love with you. You have enriched our lives immensely. I wake up and go to sleep with you on my mind, and what I can do to help you along in this life. Your smile does more than just make mommy smile. It gives me serious butterflies in my stomach. The kind that make me want to squeeze all your cuteness so hard that you might "pop".You are such a social butterfly. You don't know a stranger, which is so cool, unlike mommy and a little scary all at the same time. I know your cuteness plays a large role in the amount of attention that you get, however, I am fully confident that you have the heart and personality to match. I love praying over you at night before I lay you down. It is my time to get to talk to Jesus about you. I pray for sweet dreams, peaceful rest, that your heart be fully open to Him, for all of the joy you bring us, and for your sweetness....among other things.   I could never thank Him enough for giving us the opportunity to be your parents. Boy, we are just the luckiest!!

Love you Boots!

Mama and Daaaaa

Beware: there is "mommy dancing" in the very blurry video below. Sometimes, we have to be silly to get these amazing laughs out of our little ones. Totally worth the embarrassment, right?


  1. Oh my goodness! Your closing letter to Amara totally made me cry! You are an amazing mama and that's one amazing little girl!

  2. So I caught myself doing some "mommy dancing" the other day and it made me think of this video. I laughed at myself then because it's so true. Before Emma I would never do anything that would be embarrassing. Now though, if it makes her laugh, then that's what we're doing. Mommy dancing, singing in public (which I almost always refuse to do), make weird noises that she finds hilarious... Yep, I've done them all now.