Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's raining babies....

This past weekend, I co-hosted ( along with my mom) a baby Sprinkle for my mom's neighbor, and dear friend, Amy. I have known Amy since I was in high school, so I was happy to help celebrate her 2nd bundle of joy! This shower was extremely simple! I even used SOME of the decor from the snow sprinkle I threw two weeks ago. It has been a hectic couple of weeks, but I really wanted this shower to feel special for Amy. It ended up being a great time! Drinking out of a mason jar with a cute stripey straw, cupcakes, and cute new baby gifts to look at..... good way to spend a Saturday morning if you ask me!

I really only decorate 3 little areas in my house when it comes to smaller parties like this. I do a little mantle display, something hanging over my dining room table and a little artwork of some sort on my chalkboard wall. Sometimes, less is more, ya know?

I used a newborn paci and some of Amara's baby shoes for a little added mantle decor.

I really wanted to fill the entire mantle with moss, candles and flowers. HOWEVER, I COULD NOT find my moss the night before the shower. I was only able to use what I had resting in a giant candle holder. I am sure all of the other moss will show up when I am looking for scissors or something!

I am in love with layering garland!

I am a picky cupcake eater, and Amy is a gluten free eater. I was nervous about how the cupcakes would taste, and I have to say...they were soooo good!! We used King Arthur yellow cake mix. YUM!

I love this wrapping paper that Target has. I find it much easier to wrap with than actual kraft paper. It is tiny little pinstripes on it, and worked perfectly as a table runner. I just used my circle sponge and dotted it with green paint.

I suspended the fake clouds in the air with fishing line. I just hot glued pillow stuffing that I had laying around together and tied fishing line around each end and taped them to my ceiling with heavy duty clear tape. Then, I attached "rain drops" made from construction paper to fishing line and used a needle to attach the line from the bottom to the top of the cloud. Finished it off with a knot! Definitely took me longer than expected. Clouds kept falling, stuffing kept coming off, but I eventually got it!

I think the chalkboard art was my favorite! I loved the little cartoon looking clouds!

Thanks for reading! No more showers in my future until my brother and sister-in-law welcome their baby girl. Pink and turquoise....oh yes!! Can't wait!!

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  1. LOVE this!!! So simple yet very sweet- impressive!