Thursday, May 23, 2013

Organizing my LIFE.

I have spent most of this week just trying to get a grip on my life. I will be the first to admit that I don't take Mondays very well. I just don't have the motivation to tackle the things that I need to. I think it is usually because our Mondays are like Saturdays around here. It is usually our family day since Gabe is usually gone on the weekends. Our world stops when daddy comes home :)

 Anyway, Monday I decided to get up and get going. Gabe had a busy day starting around 11:30, so I got up, made a grocery list, went to the grocery ALONE ( much faster), made some appointments, made some calls, had a couple of allergy attacks. By 2 pm, I was ready for a nap. I took a midday shower and nap I did! Then, I was ready to tackle the rest of my day. I made dinner for the family ( big deal....really, it is!), bathed Amara then had a client come over for a late night eyebrow waxing before her lead role in a music video! So excited for her!! 

With a productive beginning to my week, I have tried to make an effort to stay home more, and get some organizing done around my house! I am on a mission to completely redo this house of mine. I am soooooo tired of little things just laying around. They either need a designated space or they need to get out of my house. I think I have had the same dry cleaning pile for 2 years straight. Just take them already, Jenni!!! Things just have to change....period. 

Here are some before an afters.....nothing fancy bins or things that look pretty, just good ole fashion organizing and purging. I TRULY believe that life is easier when you don't have as much stuff. My house feels bare compared to most, but I go through a major purging phase at least every 6 months. I don't hold on to much! I was able to make space for some of Amara's craft stuff as well as throw expired pantry items out. I have a plan to make more use of my counter space in the kitchen by removing my endless mail pile that makes it way out of the actual mail holder. Again, this just all has to end! I will post pics when I tackle that.

^^ Is it bad to keep potatoes on the ground? I am planning on purchasing a three drawer tupperware from Target to store them in along with snacks. I think it works for now.^^

^^ This is our "junk drawer"...we all have them. I just need it to be a more organized junk drawer.^^

^^ I have just had these items sitting on top of my buffet for weeks. I finally cleared room in my "placemat/charger drawer" to store craft supplies for Amara. Feels so good to not see them lying around. It only took two trips to the drawer for Amara to now go on her own and ask to "cull"                ( color).^^

^^ I actually ( FINALLY) wiped all of the dust off of our bottles. I mean, if you want to have a bar cart of some sort to display these gorgeous bottles, they should be sparkling....ting! Right?!
I also threw out anything we don't drink, and added a tumbler to hold stripey straws. Why? Because they make people happy! ^^

^^ So, we keep a coin sorter in our coat closet. It is where my husband dumps all of his change so that it can go back into our pockets. We just let the full coin rolls wiggle their way around the shelf, so I finally decided that they needed a home. It just got annoying. :) ^^

Thanks for checking in! Sorry there is not much going on over here this week.....not on the blog anyway! :) 

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