Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nursery Update

To say that the nursery has been a "stress" for me is an understatement. While it has most definitely been a labor of love, the paint fiasco alone has caused more tears to fall from my eyes than I bargained for. Gabe and I have been diligent over the last few days to just get stuff done so that the room starts to look like an actual nursery! My handy husband hung his first pendant light, our glider came in, I put together the diaper genie, finished all of her laundry ( with the help of my 13 year old sis), repainted our stripes, Gabe hung a curtain rod, and we just cleaned up a bit! Here are a few pics of what is going on so far! Lots more to go, but it is definitely starting to feel like a peaceful room to be in. I don't want to take a full room view just yet :)

 I sat in the glider today and just thanked God for this special room, the means to create it, a husband who tries to understand my crazy moods and the special place in my heart that is making room for this little girl! I am beyond grateful!!


Baby Bathroom pics coming next....

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