Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here goes....

I am not sure WHY I am showing this, BUT I feel like I need some accountability. I recently posted on FB that i need a craft room. Truth be told, I HAVE a craft room....it just looks like one of these winter storms blew through and ransacked it. It is the room in my house that always stays shut off. It has been organized a couple of times ( the best that you you can organize something without shelves or anything), but it ALWAYS manages to get back to looking like it needs disaster relief. I don't file papers right away, I just put them in that room and tell myself I will find them again when I organize it. YEAH RIGHT! I have gift wrapping accessories, things from me and Gabe's childhood, my esthetician table, candle supplies......the list goes on. There is actually probably a little family living in there somewhere. Just kidding. Despite my clutter, I can say it is still a CLEAN room.

I think you are more creative in an inspiring environment. I never stay in that room to do projects ( not that there is an open space even if I wanted to). I always end up dragging stuff out into other parts of my house. Then, I just go back upstairs and chuck the stuff on the ground. If anyone knows me, I am somewhat of a neat freak, so this is an out of character room for me. I guess I need a slop room to help hide my imperfections!

So I give myself ONE MONTH to make a drastic change in this room and turn it into a creative space. It is going to be my girly room! When you look at this picture below, it is okay to judge! I am prepared.

What is the purpose of a closet??? To keep stuff IN?
New concept for me you would think!


  1. Okay...this is hiliarious! You can do it! Get organized!

  2. You Can Do It! :) It really isn't that bad Jenni!