Sunday, February 19, 2012


Here we are.....another month has passed! It keeps on getting better and better. I don't even know where to begin. First of all, Amara is a CHUNK! I tell her that EVERY TIME that I pick her up. Our biggest accomplishment this month was our first airplane ride!! We actually did 3. She did AMAZING! We took a trip to Vegas and CA to visit family and for some of Gabe's shows. Amara met Clint Eastwood ( which was pretty cool!) She was such a trooper as we did a lot of running around. She was a patient baby for her new parents that are trying to figure it all out still :) Her laughs are what we live for right now. My mission everyday is to get her to crack up. It is selfish of me because I do it for my own enjoyment. It makes my day! She is still so go with the flow, which is so awesome! We are not on a schedule yet, HOWEVER, I am noticing that we need to be home for her to take a nice nap in a bed at  least once a day. You can't take her anywhere without getting stopped. Her hair is still the topic of conversation and she wins people over with her bashful smiles. Her hair is a hot mess.....even water can't tame it. She may be the only 5 month old that needs product. Amara is very vocal in every aspect. She loves sleeping on her side. Sometimes when she is slow to go to sleep, I will turn her on her side and just scratch her back. It is hard to not soothe her to sleep every time. I am getting better about just laying her in her bed and letting her go to sleep. Thank God for pacifiers!! She still sleeps through the night, generally wakes up around 6 am for a quick feed and usually falls right back asleep ( in the bed with us :), then we will wake up to her cooing and/or sucking on her hand. She is LOUD..haha. I woke up a few mornings ago to find to hickies on her arms ( one on each). She loves to suck on her arms and hands. We are going to stick to her diet right now, and wait on solid foods for one more month. It will be an exciting new chapter. I feel like this is my last month of her feeling like a newborn. I am SO excited for what is to come, but I already get teary eyed just thinking about how small she was a few months ago. I miss it!! 
Here is to 5 Months and the sweetest baby girl in the world!! She will NEVER understand how much I love her and how much she BLESSES her father and I.
Love you boots!!

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  1. Happy 5 months baby girl! Can't remember what life was like without your sweet face and smile. We love you!

    Aunt Lori :)