Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We are blessed!

Sunday, Feb. 26th, we dedicated Amara to the Lord. It was a special ( and stressful) day! It was held around the 4 o'clock hour, which come to find out......is not a good hour for baby girl. There were about 10 families dedicating their kids, the room was BLAZING hot and babies were crying all over the place. Amara needed a diaper change in the worst way, she was hungry and exhausted. She had only had one morning nap. Not good! Gabe and I were sweating the entire time, and having Amara be the only one on the stage who was crying the loudest.....that just made us sweat more. Our family was so sweet and patient, but to be honest, I just wanted to get the heck out because I just wanted Amara to be soothed. Geesh! I wish that I was more attentive to all of the sweet prayers and words that were being said, however, I couldn't get in the right head space. What can I say? Amara is a pretty perfect baby, but when she is tired...she is tired and lets you know. Remember, I said she was getting an opinion. Opinion+her new high pitched scream = well....you get the picture.

All in all, it was a special moment, and I want nothing more than to have Amara grow up surrounded by people who can love her and tell her about what Jesus has done for her and people that she can tell about Jesus as well. In the dedication, our pastor mentioned that as babies, they are separated from God ( simply because they haven't accepted Jesus into their hearts). The commitment is real, and its one of the biggest decisions as parents that we make. It really makes me think about Amara growing up and seeing the love of Christ through her mommy and daddy. That is a really big responsibility. I want her to see us serve others, love well, and let God take the lead in our lives instead of push him aside thinking we know best. I thank the Lord for salvation, I thank Him for my beautiful family, and I thank Him for my first breath when I wake up. We are truly blessed today and forever!

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  1. That little girl seems to get cuter every day! She is so perfect, I cannot wait to meet her! A very special day for her and you guys and one that you will remember forever :)