Monday, March 4, 2013

Checking out!

 I am checking out today! I am technically writing this post on Sunday night, and have no intent of checking in on my blog today, but wanted to cheat a little so I can at least write a post. I am going to do my best to not be on my phone unless I need to be today. I just want to mentally check out and spend some good ole fashioned time with the chocolate love of my life and the baby love of my life. ;)

 I am reflecting on my week, and feeling so incredibly blessed and watched over by the Lord. We have one month left of this tour that Gabe is on, and I am anxiously awaiting that last bus trip home. That said, I am definitely able to sit here and thank God that he has brought us through this far, and that my strength is unmatched when I truly rely on Him. I am not very good at that always ;).

 Looking forward to a date night with my husband tonight. I MIGHT even do my nails. Dinner and a movie ( with two of the coolest friends we know). Kind of a cliche date night, but I don't care. I actually have been dying to see a movie outside of my house and dress up for my husband and have a dinner that I didn't make :)

I am sure most of you have seen this picture, but I am reposting it because it is the most recent picture of us as a family, and the idea of the 3 of us coming back together today makes me feel ......hmmmm......pretty incredible!

It's Monday.....grab the biggest latte you can, and start the week off right!!

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