Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday mornings ... kind of perfect!

   I love my Saturday mornings with my little. I know they will be enhanced when we get to spend it with daddy, but until then, we have really learned to enjoy our time with just us girls. We spend a lot of Saturday mornings with my mom and sister or with "aunt" Lori. We were lucky enough to score a GORGEOUS, Spring-like day, and we chose to spend it indulging in an amazing breakfast at Meridee's in Downtown Franklin. No one can deny their french toast, breakfast burrito or vanilla latte. All of these things made it into my tummy this morning...shhh!

  The fact that we got to bring my bestie along made it a kind of perfect morning. I have really been missing my friends lately, and it just seems like we all have so much going on that it has been super hard to hang out this past month. It made my whole week worth it just to sit and talk to someone who knows you so well, and loves you so well!! Thanks Lori.. xoxo

A little fresh (warm) air was so needed for this little gal.


  1. looks like a great saturday! I am so ready for spring to come!!

    love from NYC,

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  2. Beautiful pictures of our beautiful girl!