Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sweet spot!

Does anyone else have those spaces in their home that are just easy on the eyes....even if they are among chaos? I wouldn't dare take pictures of every room in my home right now, but I definitely have those "sweet spots" in my home that make me happy when I glance at them ( while carrying a load of laundry upstairs or chasing a toddler around)

Right now....these are those happy moments for me....

My droopy tulips.... I am the worst at keeping things alive, so I will take what I can get.

I don't know what it is....I just love this space in my house right now. It stays the cleanest and I love all of the light that comes in. I sit in here a lot!

Love my chairs and DIY rug!

This corner catches my eye every time I walk past it. It is my little bit of pink in the house, and I just love to sit here sometimes and read or catch up on my blog reading! ;) It is right beside the fireplace, so it is my go to spot when I have my hot tea everyday! ( Oooold lady, huh?)

I have so many photos I want to add to this wall, but I haven't gotten around to it. The photos of Amara ( 8 months) make me miss that chub everyday!!! 

aaaaaand finally.... a portion of my closet. It is out of Amara's reach, and not on my hubby's side, so it stays relatively clean. It is just my space in my bathroom with "pretty things"

Hope you all have had a great Thursday! I have had a really difficult time with Amara sleeping today and just with her being awake actually ;). A teething baby = not a fun one. I have literally been walking on eggshells around my house so she won't wake up. She is sleeping so light today...hmmm. I still have a toilet that needs to be flushed, a paintbrush that needs to be washed and a vacuum that needs running, For now....shhhhh!


  1. What's it like to live in a "Martha Stewart Living meets IKEA" magazine cover? You guys have a beautiful house!

    1. Oh Ed!! You just wait til you guys get here. You will see how good this Martha is only showing the good ;) We are sprucing up the guest room for your arrival! :) Fun project for me! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. LOVE, LOVE the dining room table!! Was it a DIY, or bought somewhere??

    1. Hey Melissa! My dad and Gabe built it. It literally cost around $100 dollars for everything!! My dad builds them! We just could not spring for a table like that anywhere else, so we made our own. I love it so much more too knowing that the most important men in my life made it :)