Sunday, April 7, 2013

18 months and a new haircut!

I am definitely late on posting an 18 month update on Amara....yikes! We got her first all over hair cut this weekend, and since we had some friends in town visiting, we were able to really document it. Thanks Sarah!!

 Amara did REALLY well. She only cried when she actually saw the pair of scissors, so I turned her away from the mirror and our hairdresser, and all was well. She played with a bottle of hair product ( taking the top "off " and putting it back "on"), which helped us out a lot as well.

All I can say is, "WOW!!" Amara is so grown up feeling. It feels so appropriate that I am writing this post on the heels of us having company in town this weekend because Amara has captivated my heart this weekend while entertaining our guests. I am glad that I don't have to speak this update because I would probably lose it and start crying trying to get my words out.  

The things that really sum her up right now....the things that I really want you to know ( and for her to know) about her 18 month self is that she is full of pure joy. She loves to entertain, and it is really starting to come out in her personality. She loves making people laugh!! She gives great hugs and kisses! She just started making the actual kissing noise, which MELTS me. She says "peeeaaase" and "thank you", feeds herself oatmeal and yogurt, loves to stir our drinks with a straw, loves wearing shoes, chases Sadie around with any toy that is loud, scary and possibly on wheels, she goes to the church nursery without crying, still obsessed with pushing shopping carts, even MORE obsessed with the Target dog that appears on the tv screens in the back of the store, says "cheeese" every time a camera points and shoots, watches her 1 year video on repeat daily and shakes her head "no" anytime I start to sing or dance. It makes me feel great! ;)

These things barely scratch the surface of all the little things she does to make us laugh ( or cry) everyday. This weekend, we have let Amara stay up until 10 or 11 each night to visit with us. She is so full of energy and doesn't want to miss out on a thing. I have been eating it up. The eagerness that I usually feel to get her in bed each night has disappeared.

 Just when I didn't think it any more possible....I fell deeper in love with her this month. 
It's not that there was room in my heart for that love to grow, but that my heart swells to make room for my growing love for her.

 Today in church, we talked about abiding in Jesus and what life looks like without Him. What is OUR purpose?  I know that without Jesus and a loving God, I am NOTHING. I cannot be half the mother I want without Him. I know that we are to produce "fruit" in our lives. Amara are part of that fruit for mommy! If I do nothing else in my life, being your mother will make me feel more complete than anything this world could offer me. I will not take credit for the woman that you grow up to be, but I want to do my best to equip you to succeed in all the ways that the Lord would have you do so. Daddy and I pray for you daily!! Even when daddy is away, he prays for us! I feel it! We have spent more time apart than together as a family in these last 6 months, but we were covered in prayer and loved on by family and friends. You are so loved, and I couldn't be MORE proud of you as I sit here and reflect on your 18th month. We love you boots!

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  1. Such a sweet update!! She's going to have this very special "journal" to read when she's older- priceless. Love the haircut pics AND you look gorgeous!