Tuesday, October 29, 2013


That last 2-3 weeks have been NON-FREAKING-STOP for this little family! Although, I welcome the craziness, my body is paying for it dearly. I am tiiiiiiiiiired. From parties, to all of the Fall festivities, award shows and dinners for my husband's job, and a toddler....whew! We are about a week away from my husband ( and us girls) going back to the "road life". Tour season starts, and I am just trying to get my mind in the right place. We are just soaking up each day together, I am enjoying an extra set of hands around the house, and I just love the comfort of him being home. We always trudge through each season, and come out the other side though!

Anyway....I have taken so many pics over the last few weeks and don't really even know where to begin, so here are just some random bits from our past couple of weeks.

We hosted a mini pumpkin decorating party for Amara and a few of her friends. Chili, cupcakes and some interesting looking pumpkins ;) So fun!

I helped my sweet friend, Holly, from high school host a mini class reunion brunch at her family's farm.

I have known these girls for over 10 years.....still blows my mind! 

We had a family photo shoot. Happy to check that off of the list! My old roomie and dear friend, Shara, took our pics! She is amazing!! I haven't gotten all of them back yet, but she sent me a few via text because she is awesome. I was DYING to see how they were turning out! These are unedited, but I wanted to share anyway. I know photographers hate that ;)

^^ Tour kick off dinner ^^

 ^^ Trips to the zoo ^^

 ^^ Tickles in the bed^^

 ^^ Painting....every. day. painting. ^^

 ^^ Swinging at the park... something she requests often. ^^

 ^^ attending birthday parties ^^

 ^^ My bestie had a baby^^

 ^^ LOTS of snuggles ^^

 ^^ Dove Awards. My Mother - in - law headed up an AMAZING show, and I was so proud of her! I didn't have a pic of my husband and I, so this one will do! Two ladies I love!! ^^

^^ We have watched Clark swim...fascinating! ^^

This about sums up our life recently....in photos at least. Hope you are having a good week so far! 
I am putting some final touches on Amara's room this week, and hope to have some pics of it up on the blog by the end of the week as well as some more of our family photos!


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