Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Time!!!

Thanksgiving 2010...Gabe and I have so much to be thankful for! The best thing about a holiday in the Patillo household is that Gabe and I finally get a chance to slow down and breathe in. Our friends Chico and Lisa came with their 3 kiddos, and then our mom's and siblings, and a new friend ( kim)! Then, we got to go to my dad's and have our second Thanksgiving...YUM! My heart could not have possibly been more full! Amazing food, quality time, movie night, and Black Friday shopping. We are lucky, and as I am cuddled up in my bed right now, I am smiling because I know how blessed I really am!

Now that I have written my sentimental piece, one of MY favorite things about Thanksgiving is setting my table for my guests! My mom bought us some beautiful napkins , mother -in-law brought over her lovely chargers, and with a little help from Martha Stewart, we were able to create a "Tuscan" feel! It was perfect and I was a proud hostess!!  Just a few pics...

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