Tuesday, January 18, 2011

December....goodbye....January....HELLO BABY

   I have been slacking this month. I said I would blog at least two ( MAYBE 3) times a week. Yeeeaaaah.....this is the girl that avoids her phone at all costs, enjoys her alone time, and procrastinates. Hmmm.... Well, December came and went for the Patillos. We had an AMAZING holiday! It was SO amazing that I can hardly remember what happened! :) 

   On to January! The biggest, most fab news to date is that Gabe and I recently found out that we have a little one on the way! I am about 6 weeks along. I speak for both of us when I say....HOLY CRAP!!! We can't really believe that we are pregnant despite what the 8 pregnancy tests have said. We go to the doctor on Feb. 15th. It is so far off due to Gabe's touring schedule! He will be on the road when I start puking my brains out, but Sadie is here to hold my hair. 

   There are so many mixed emotions that come with this news. We are so excited and we enjoyed telling all of our close friends and family, but now we are back to reality and in saving mode AGAIN, and we just want to be able to be good providers and amazing parents. It is fun to spend our lunches watching kids interact with their parents  at restaurants as Gabe and I tell each other what we will and won't tolerate when we have kids. I won't say what those things are because I know that when I look into its eyes, it will make my heart melt and all of that will go out the window for a while!  Anyway....we got our first "baby item" from our dear friends Heath and Lori today! It felt good to take it and put it in a special place to rest for the next 9 months! Sadie thought the "toy" was her's of course! We are praying daily that God will let this little bean keep growing, and we truly couldn't be more grateful!!

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