Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY Mobile

The mobile for the nursery is the one thing I have put off the longest. Simply because I knew I wanted to make it myself, and my motivation and creativity was lacking big time. I LOVE the mobiles and dream rings on, but it isn't quite in our budget to buy a $100 mobile. So, I took inspiration from my favorite mermaid dream ring, and worked with what I had. I had not thought of doing an all pom mobile, but after looking at some online....I got inspired. Plus, it is super easy and I had a lot of yarn. I started to try and stay in the color scheme of the mermaid dream ring, but I loved all the colors of yarn I had, so I just went crazy! I hope Amara appreciates it! :)


BTW.... I am aware that I need a better camera, but my Iphone just makes it easy sometimes. Excuse the bad pics :)

Sadie stayed at my feet for hours begging me to throw her toy CONSTANTLY.....eventually she gave up!

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