Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is a girl to do on a Tuesday night?

I had such a fun day with my hubby today!! I could really get use to him being home days at a time :). It is very rare that I can drag him to craft stores and to Target and keep his spirits up...ha! It is so boring for him, but lately, he has been a trooper. Carrying everything, actually giving input ( not saying " whatever you want babe" and we have had a lot of laughs. Besides, driving around is our favorite thing to do together!

We think we have noticed a SLIGHT difference in the smell of the nursery, and we bought an air freshener today with high hopes! With this in mind, it is making doing stuff to the nursery so much more fun for me. Today, I worked on the project below and Gabe sat in our new glider and entertained himself on the computer. It was sooooo nice to just be in here together! 

It all started with this little number below. Amara got this bathing suit from one of our dear, super trendy friends at her shower. Between this, blankets and accessories, I realized I needed to make some baskets.

 I am way too cheap to to just go buy baskets full price, so I have been waiting on them to go 50% off at JoAnne's ( which they were today) and I had some Dwell Studio fabric left over........ little bit of yarn, stitch witchery and a huge mess later....

It took me way too long to do this, but it was worth it! I am a brand new "DIYer", I do not sew and I hate measuring. Great qualities to have! :)

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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  1. Those baskets are so cute! I'm so impressed by how creative you are to take the things in your head and make them happen. If we move back to Nash, I'm going to hire you! :)