Saturday, August 27, 2011

Productivity is the best feeling to me....

Today, I woke up pretty early ( 7am) and laid in bed until about 9 because 7 am is CRAZY talk. I decided to not be lazy and make myself some pancakes and bacon. Table for one! Then, it was time to get down to biz. I literally cleared out two of our rooms upstairs that had just become "giant closets" full of baby stuff, house stuff, holiday decor, fitness stuff that NEVER gets used, TONS of cds from my teenage years that I have never let go of and the list goes on!

I was determined to go through EVERYTHING and only keep what I could fit in the ACTUAL closet in the room. It is all just baby stuff that Amara won't need quite yet! I also managed to keep the laundry going all day long. I feel so much better even though I am exhausted.

I tried to force myself to take a nap. My body wanted to rest terribly, but my brain is racing so I didn't actually get a nap in. I got up and went right back to work. It occurred to me today that Sadie is going to have way more adjusting to do than I could have ever imagined. It breaks my heart when she brings me her toy and I can't throw it, but let's face it. She does that ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day long!!!!!! We literally have to hide her toys so she will quit bothering us with them. She is barking a lot more, getting into the trash when we leave and it has been extremely tiring keeping up with her. I just really want her to love Amara and not feel threatened, but I worry :)

Finished off the night with a nice dinner at Wild Ginger! I had an amazing salad and some YUM YUM rolls ( that is what they are called), and they were YUM!! I got to just chat with friends and relax, and it was so perfect! Gabe is in FL tonight and comes home in the am. I miss him so much and can't wait to see him. I am really hoping for a birth this week! I am praying to God and asking for TIME when Amara gets here. Gabe is gone every week from Amara's due date ( sept. 14th) until the 3rd week of October. It is going to be a rough start for me, and I am trying to not get down about it as I know I have help. There is just something about your husband being here and it just being our new little family learning to adjust together!! God has got us though.....He always does!

Off to play a little Dr. Mario ( even though my eyes are already heavy).

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  1. Hope you get that baby girl soon :) Ben was gone, too, right after Adelaide was born. They had just started the tour so he was home for a week then gone wed. night-mon. morning until she was almost 3 months old! it was hard at the time but i sure do cherish the memories of just me and Adelaide, rocking her in the middle of the night, sleeping all afternoon, taking walks in the neighborhood... enjoy those moments, they are very sweet.