Thursday, December 29, 2011

3 months baby!!!

Man oh man..... Has it been 3 months already?!?! Time is flying by, but each day is getting better and better. We are celebrating with an "ugly Christmas sweater" and 3 hairbows! Amara's personality is blooming and watching her smile seriously is the best thing in the world. As I sit here typing, I don't even know where to begin explaining all of the amazing things 3 months has allowed us to experience. Our biggest accomplishment this month is sleeping through the night. At first, we were still getting up to put her paci back in to soothe her, then we slept one night all of the way through and realized that neither one of us had to get up to tend to her overnight.....It has been smooth sailing ever since! 7-8 hours a night!!

Amara is smiling bigger than ever, loving her play mat, working up some spit bubbles, starting to laugh, responding and recognizing voices and looking around to find the matching faces. My favorite part of her little baby body are her legs that won't quit....her chunky thighs to be exact. OMG!!! She just goes with the flow! We are just loving our family dynamic right now, but I have always dreamed of having around 4 kiddos. I have to admit, I love giving her all of my attention. I often think that there won't be a chance that we will get another "perfect" baby, but I know God has us!

I still can't believe that God chose little ole me to be the mother of Amara! It is a job I don't take lightly, and Gabe and I just continue to pray for her and that God does something AMAZING through her. She has already changed my life, and I can't wait to see what the future holds!!

Here is to 3 months!!!

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  1. Oh Jenni! how precious and happy 3 months! XO ~ Lori