Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday BFF!!

Okay....this party was on Dec. 16th and I am just NOW blogging about it. I am running behind as always people....

So, it was my BFF, Lori's, 30th birthday party disguised as a "holiday party". She and her hubby Heath kindly opened their home to all of her sweet friends! Everyone brought Lori a gift because we knew what was up!! ha! Lori just didn't want to celebrate the big 3 - 0. It was so fun to get together and celebrate her! The party was so adorable! I contributed some props for us to take some pics.
The birthday girl!

Friendship Tea.....delish!

This girl is seriously one of the most selfless, giving, joyful and GENUINE people I know. I have never been greeted by her with anything less than a hug and a smile. I appreciate everything about her spirit. Our husbands both travel a LOT, so we completely connect on that level. She has spent many nights with me and has become like a sister to me. She absolutely deserves all good things that come her way!!! The best part is that is LOVES my little Amara probably just as much as I do. She has more pic of her on her phone than me ;)

Stupidity at its best!

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  1. Jenni - I'm humbled by your sweet words and can't imagine my life without you & Amara. THANK YOU for everything and for being my BFF! LOVE!!!