Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All I want for Christmas......

What is it about the holidays that make me want want want?!?! I actually just want for other people! I love to buy gifts, I just don't have loads of cash ;)

After browsing the internets this am, I am finding lots of things I would like under my tree as well.
Cutest desk calendar EVER! I saw these at my friend,Lauren's
paper boutique! They are her very own designs. Plus, there
is no need to wrap it. :)

This Tory Burch case makes me want to have an Ipad....even though I have no use for one. I
wonder if Gabe would put it on his ;)

On Amara's wish list.....or mine for her!  This gets me super excited
for our first summer together ( with her out of my belly)
If you love your pup, AND love a good price....11.99 Houndstooth dog collar from Martha Martha Martha!
Sadie deserves a good Christmas! She has been quite the trooper during our baby phase.

LOVE these! My favs are the ollie with hot pink lettering or the hole punch with turquoise ( pictured above). Every girl needs a stylish Iphone Case. Dabney Lee's patterns are so amazing!!

Target ( my second home) has some AMAZING boots this season! The quality is much better than usual also! 
I fell in love with these and NEED them.....yes, NEED!

Ok, I could seriously go on and on and on, but truth be told....I already have the best gift of all....Jesus and an AMAZING family. May sound cheesy, but that is whats up people! 

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