Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh December.....

This month is just flying by for us....I was itching to have some girls from my neighborhood over and do something festive. I decided we should all do a craft of some sort and eat some yummy food. I found printable labels,tags,menus that were FREE. This whole gathering cost me about 30 dollars :) Most everyone came to just hang out with no craft, which was fine. I took it upon myself to create some Martha Stewart trees made out of card stock, which I actually didn't finish until a day later. I got a little frustrated and needed a break.

I honestly didn't take many pics because I got so overwhelmed with cooking my food that I didn't get to the picture taking until everything I had set up had been tampered with. For some reason, I haven't mastered the art of timing when it comes to my little shindigs. A work in progress .........

Anyway....just some pics for fun!

Martha Stewart cupcake decor

To go bags for leftover cookies and cupcakes :)

I filled my paci jar with some Keurig cups ( coffee, cider, hot chocolate)

  So I have been following this new blog  called Brooklyn Limestone. I LOVE it!!! She is so creative and it is fun to watch their renovation process. Anyway....found these adorable tags you can download. They go perfect with my kraft paper wrapping and my $1.97 roll of yarn :)

My Christmas trees....YES, they are crooked, and I am totally okay with that :)

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  1. OH my gosh you are the cutest thing ever. I wish I were a neighborhood girl!!!! :) Love you! Everything looks so cute! xoxo...Sally