Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7 months.....oh yes!

Some of my favorite things.....

Bouncing in my Bumbo seat
Grabbing mommy and daddy's faces ( sometimes even gently to wake us up )
Trying to sit up more and more
Riding in shopping carts and sitting in high chairs
Banging my toys together
Post bathing rituals...laying on the changing table and talking and kicking like crazy :)
Looking at myself in the mirror and smiling from ear to ear
Going on strolls with mommy outside
Reaching out for mommy and daddy
Sleeping in my big girl bed like a champ still
Keeping my mouth open at ALL TIMES!
Bouncing in my Einstein jumper WITHOUT a pillow below me :)
Watching mommy and daddy play Dr. Mario 
Eating, rubbing my hands in my food and putting them in my curls
Lastly, LAUGHING still. 

I will say it again....each month just gets better and better. I know we did NOTHING to deserve this little butterball. It is only by God's grace that we get to take care of her for a short time here on Earth. Thank you Lord Jesus! Amara continues to be a light in our family. She is a sort of "glue" that bonds us all even closer. She is a joy for everyone to watch grow, and seeing her really respond to things is so very exciting right now. 

7 months have come and gone in the blink of an eye. I am still trying to soak up every single second. I find a lot of purpose in being a mommy. Honestly, it makes me want to be an even better wife. I realize that the phase of Amara not really knowing what is going on is short-lived. Even more so than now, she will be watching everything that I do as it becomes an influence in her life good or bad. Lord, I am trusting you! Gabe and I know that we cannot do this without your guidance, your wisdom, your love, and your GRACE! 

Our favorite times with Amara I think are still the mornings. She will wake up and just talk to herself in her crib for about an hour or so every morning. It is a sweet sound! Then, we bring her downstairs for some cuddle time before we start our day. Also, I am really loving bath time at night. I love letting her "relax". She is eating her two spoon fed meals a day like a big girl...she has the stains to prove it :)

It is almost as if she is doing nothing much newer than 6 months, but she is just growing in those things....getting better at them. 

Blessed beyond belief! Love you boots!!

In the cart at JoAnn's....whatever it takes folks!

Our first Easter!

She literally makes her way to every inch of the bed throughout the night!

Still loves blowing her raspberries!


  1. AH I love those pictures! She's the cutest little bug :) Love you, Ama!

  2. can she get any cuter?? she's setting a very high bar for herself... i love reading your posts, and how much you adore her, it's such a beautiful thing i just love your family!! and you and amara are tied for my favorite out of you three. an honor, i know... ha! don't tell gabe. i kid. love you guys! haufo3gho4uob amara!! <3 j