Thursday, April 12, 2012

mama likey

I was out running some errands today, and actually left the store with a few finds that I couldn't resist! I went into USA Baby and fell in love with some of the newer BOON stuff. I am definitely a gadgets person, especially if I know that it will make life a little easier!! If they are worthless, I won't use them, but  if they actually make sense, I will take the time out to make use of them.

I bought the boon bottle drying rack before Amara came along because I LOVE it, but I do find that it gets filled very fast ( to the point that it is overflowing) with all of the "little bitty" pieces that need to dry. All of Amara's pacis, teethers, small bottle parts, etc.

TA DA!!!! Meet Twig :)

They also had Blossom, which is super cute also, but I went for white!

Here are some of the other Boon products that are on my list to buy.....
Top Priority!

squeezy fruit holder :)
caterpillar snack stack


white whale pod

Ok, enough about boon! My other favorite find was this cute little bag by Itzy Ritzy for all things "wet!" Instead of my trusty grocery bag, I thought I would get great use out of this for Amara's first summer of being in the pool and her first swim lessons! :) They come in such cute patterns too!

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  1. Oooo i'll have to look for the twig... I just got a boon grass drying rack as a shower gift! :)