Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cute project for a little girl!

One of my friends came into town this week and was surprised with a baby shower at Cheesecake Factory... YUM! My budget it pretty tight right now, so I had to get creative. I am in love with Pinterest for this very reason. It really inspires me to want to be crafty and thrifty as well. I am slowly learning that less costly doesn't have to mean less quality. It is not really in my nature to be money conscious, but I am trying to change that! I really love the feeling of spending time on something for someone you love!

I had some leftover swaddle cloths that had never been used, and I found a cute tutorial for the cutest little hair pins ever. I threw them on some kraft paper and personalized it with my oh so handy stamp set, which is something I think everyone should have in their home!!

Some of the other girls at the shower loved them, so I offered to make them for their kids' Easter Baskets.

Just the perfect project for me to relax and kick off Spring!! yay!!

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  1. And we are SO thankful for your craftiness!!! The girls LOVE their bows!!!