Thursday, May 31, 2012

Office Space

I have been spending a lot of time organizing my house. I don't like having random things all over the place, especially with Amara now and all that she comes with. I can't keep having my projects scattered all around my house. Everything needs a "department" It makes for less daily clean- up and less "where did I put my....?"

With that said, I am dreaming up an office space/craft room. When I look at it as a whole, I get overwhelmed. I am definitely the girl that just wants things done without doing the work. Yeah, I said it!!!
I want a sewing station, storage area, desk area, play area for amara......but I can't do it all at once. I quickly get overwhelmed when I am out shopping. I will go out for one thing, but find an item that is for another project or space in my house that is not even ready for that item yet! Have I lost you??

Basically, I want to start with a desk wall! I want a cute desk with some shelving around it and a bulletin board to put all of my magazine clippings, paint swatches, notes, etc.

Print by: Sugar Paper
I purchased this print a couple of years ago, and I always said that it would go in my office one day when I had one. Well, I still have that print, and it is my inspirational piece for my personal space. I want something classy, simple, stylish, comfortable, and girly!

P.S here are some other Sugar Paper prints I would give my right arm for right now ;)...They would brighten up ANY space in a home!

 I found some other office spaces that I have been drawn to lately. I think it is safe to say that I want the main color theme to be WHITE. My absolute favorite color!! :) It just feels clean and fresh to me! I am so excited to get started and see how cost efficient I can be! It will be the room with no design rules! I will keep you updated!

Goodwill, spray paint, clearance end caps at I come!

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