Thursday, June 7, 2012

Looking UP!

In our attempt to make over our laundry room ( that no one EVER sees), Gabe made a pendant light for me following this tutorial by Young House Love, which is one of my favorite blogs. I thought it was so neat, and it couldn't be more appropriate for a laundry room since it is made of clothespins ya know?

The whole project ended up costing US about $60 simply because we didn't have any of the stuff. I am still not mad at the cost though. A pendant light that you love under $100 is a steal to me! We got everything at Home Depot, even the clothespins, and we got to work. The YHL tutorial is much easier to follow. I have not mastered tutorials on this blog, which is why you really only ever see the before and after, but mainly just the after :)

Anyway, our laundry room is the very back room on the upstairs level. You would really have to go out of your way to see it. However, I am in there ALL day EVERY day it feels like. I am a "washaholic" if you will. So, the pendant light inspired me to actually dress my little hidden room up to my liking. I honestly feel like putting the work into these "unseen rooms"helps make for a happier home. I want to feel good about every space that I use in my home, and the laundry room is no exception. I am having fun with it also by using colors and fixtures that I may not use throughout the rest of my house.

The laundry room has a window, which brightens it up a lot. I knew I wanted a soft "studio white"with a really cool ceiling. We went with Parchment Paper by Behr, and it is my new favorite white. I want the room to feel clean and fresh with just a pop of color.

We opted for black and white stripes on the ceiling, as I thought it would look good with the natural color of the clothespins. I DID NOT want to pain clothespins :) Also, I think black and white is ultra modern and simple.

I am still working on art, and organization, but here are a few shots of our lamp/ceiling!

I am thinking Kelly Green pic frames with some cool artwork....who knows!?

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