Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I am wearing.....

I am not writing a post about what I am wearing on a daily basis because I think I am some profiling fashionista...no, I am just showing how I am hanging on to my "trying to look cute and put together" days by a thread. I generally shower at night, hardly style my hair, shaving my legs....well.... I fight the daily fight of pretty vs. practical and should actually write on my bathroom mirror " Don't forget to brush!"

I don't want to be that typical new mom that blames her kid, but I am going to be that mom. It is all Amara's fault. :) That being said, I thought that I would just share the staples in my wardrobe right now. I try and find a happy medium between something super stylish and something super comfortable that I won't lose my sanity over if it gets a stain, which is more than likely going to happen...and not necessarily because of Amara. If you have seen me eat then you get my drift. Yikes!

Target and Gap are my hot spots people! My mom gets a discount at the Gap, so kill me. I can't turn down a good deal, not to mention she treats Amara and I a lot to little shopping trips. For that, I am truly grateful! I am guilty of not really venturing out to other places anymore. The days of searching for the perfect dress at a million different stores seem to be a faint memory.

If you see me out, I am usually wearing at least one of the items above on a daily basis. It is what it is, okay? Remember when I was talking about shaving? Well, that is where that black maxi skirt comes in handy :) I just feel like you can't go wrong with boyfriend shorts, bright colored Ts, a pair of fun - colored skinny jeans ( the MOST comfortable pair of pants I have owned post baby), trusty sandals, slouchy summer sweater and of course a go to summer dress.

What I am stacking these days...... Love these new bangles from SweetAuburn Studio with Amara's initials for Mother's Day!

What generally hangs around my neck...... My friend, Leah, wore this beautiful aqua colored necklace one day, and I fell in love with it. It is from Chewbeads for teething babies. Although Amara doesn't quite know what to do with it, but I still wear it because it is cute! Also, my everyday wear is my Helen Ficalora necklace. I trade out the monograms sometimes or wear them all together. I have a charm for each member of the family! I love my little A charm with a tiny diamond in it. It was my "push present".

Amara definitely comes first in my life, and it is easy to let little things that you do for yourself slip away. As tired as I am sometimes, I will fight to stay awake at night to give myself a great pedicure/manicure, which is one of the most important things I do for myself. It just makes me feel good. You know, if I look like a homeless person on any given day, at least I am a homeless looking person with nice nails right!?!

Do something for yourself today!! In a round about way, it makes you a better mommy :)

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