Monday, July 30, 2012


I literally heard a friend of mine say " yeah, Amara is 10 months today!", which reminded me....Amara is already 10 months! I was not prepared ( hence the way late photos), and I find that I am completely shocked when another month has come and gone! CRAZINESS!!

It is official....I gave birth to a ball of energy! She is my little "hot mess" if you will. Amara is all over the place these days! I remember when I first had her, other moms would stop me to say something about her hair, then proceed to tell me that they miss the days that their child would just sleep all day and lay on their chest! I am officially THAT mom. Today, while we were in the grocery store, there was a sweet family shopping together. They had a newborn ( who was being quiet) and a 5-6 year old ( quiet as well), and I found myself day dreaming about peaceful days. How can two be more peaceful than one??? Amara likes to be heard in the cutest of ways. Don't get me wrong, she is so perfect and fun, but I am definitely that mom who blows raspberries the entire shopping trip to entertain my child then feel like I am going to pass out when I leave.

It is so fun to watch Amara claim more and more of her independence. The biggest thing that happened ON her 10 month birthday was that she crawled for the first time. Yes, we got it on video!! Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched her try to get her bearings. It always seems that after a baby does something, they won't do it again for a while. As expected, Amara didn't crawl again for another several days. I woke up this morning to Gabe's voice on our monitor saying " Babe, come upstairs if you can hear me...Amara is crawling for real!" She officially knows that those little hands and knees can take her where she wants to go.

Another super fun thing right now is our meals. I love watching her eat. I know it sounds weird, but it is the cutest thing watching her learn to pick things up and shove them in her mouth. She absolutely loves hummus on bread, kid's greek yogurt ( berry), cheese, avacado, cinnamon toast, bananas, puffs and her banana oatmeal in the morning. Each day is different with breast feeding. Some days, she is super interested, and others not so much! I think it is more sweet than bitter for me for that phase to end :)

We have lowered the crib mattress alllllll the way to the bottom. She really loves being up on her knees. Sometimes, when she wakes up I will just peek in her room to see what she is doing. It is always super cute to see that bed head and listen to her talking to herself and sitting up on her own.

I am loving that Amara is warming up to people and not crying so much when I walk away. She loves to wave at people, say "uh oh" when cued, "na na na na na" all day long and reach out her hand to touch other people ( especially kids). She has been going to the nursery at church ( 2 times and counting now), and it is so great to come back and peek in the window and see her playing happily with others.

The other day the teacher said that Amara is a lover! That is such a prayer of mine! I want her to love people the way Jesus did, and I really hope that just being around Amara will make others take notice to the fact that there is something special about her spirit and the condition of her heart. I want her to shine from the inside out. I feel like I married a man who has so many special gifts and callings. He walks with such a humble attitude and being around him makes you want to smile and be a better person! If Amara, captures half of that, she will have it made!! I am a lucky woman.... I get to be a wife to such an amazing man, and I still can't believe that he chose me to do life with. The cherry on top is getting to be "mommy" to Amara. Thank you Jesus! I will continue to praise You in everything that I do. I do NOT take for granted these moments. I honestly just hope I am doing a good job! ;)

We are having a blast. Summer is coming to an end, and we are gearing up for a busy and somewhat lonely fall season as Gabe will be gone a lot. We are soaking in as much family time as we can! Thanks for checking in and sharing in these little milestones with us! It means so much to me.

Much Love!



  1. Tom said that nuckle head don't have a chance.. We have sit and squalled like babies reading your post... Me, Tom and Kristan... U are a great mommy and Gabe is a great daddy! We love u all!

  2. Thanks Aunt Tina! We love you guys!! :) xoxo

  3. What a beautiful post! You're so great at capturing every special moment in not only pictures but words. We are so proud of Ama crawling and all of her milestones AND we are so proud of her incredible parents! Love you guys!