Sunday, December 9, 2012

TGIM ( Thank Goodness Its Monday)

I am sitting on my couch watching television/staring at all of the ribbon and wrap on my dining room table so that I can actually wrap gifts while Amara sleeps, but I just can't seem to muster up the energy!!
We had our first week of being SICK, SICK and SICK. I am surprised we made it almost 15 months quite honestly. We were driving home on Wednesday ( the day of the week Gabe leaves for his shows) when I hear a choking baby in her car seat. She was throwing up, but her car seat isn't tilted up enough for her to get it out. SCARIEST MOMENT of mommyhood so far. I just pulled over, ran over to her door and yanked her out of her car seat, and let her just release on the side of the road. I felt so bad for the little thing....

BTW...Thanks to the sweet lady that pulled over to ask if Amara was okay, and if she needed me to call anyone! SO sweet!

Anyway, I had a sick/mopey baby for about 2 days, and then I woke up at 6:30 am with what I think was food poisoning. My mom, sister, and I all went to eat the night before with some friends, and all 3 of us woke up that morning throwing up. I literally could NOT move. I was getting sick every 30 mins. Somehow, my mom pulled it together and took care of all 3 of us. I was so grateful and I couldn't have done it without her. Amara had her energy back that day, and I just knew I wouldn't be able to keep up.
We have recovered from a rough week, but daddy comes home tomorrow!!! That is all these two girls could ask for. All things are made right when he is here... Mondays are our favorite!

We had a little time out today walking around Downtown Franklin with our friend Christy taking in the Christmas scenery.....perfect weather. How can I be okay with no jacket in December?? Kind of weird, but it was one less thing to have to wear. Baby is enough sometimes!

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