Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hotel Patillo

 We have some dear friends coming to stay with us the first week of April, and we have never really put together a guest room. We have two extra rooms upstairs that have always stored things ( in a non-chic kind of way), and I have invested a good 10 hours in going through things, putting them in their appropriate places, and moving things to our UNUSED attic! Whhhhhyyyyy have we not used that space?? Well, it is because I am really lazy when it comes to that stuff, and it just always seems like quite the task to haul things up a ladder. The even more real reason is because attics scare me a little. Even though our house is new, I just feel like any moment a raccoon or something is going to come charging at me. I know....strange fear based on nothing at all, but I can't help it.

 All of that to say, we finally painted a room and claimed it as a guest room. I am in LOVE with the shade. We used Behr's Chocolate Froth in eggshell, and I love the way it looks up against our off-white trim. It is a perfect mix of grey, white and a HINT of brown. Did I mention that I loved it?

  I will reveal pictures later...when it is actually more put together, but I couldn't wait to share a picture of some artwork I hung today. I found these two water colorish prints of San Fran at a thrift store ( ok, goodwill, but it sounds so much better to say thrift store), and I fell in love with them. My husband grew up there, so it is definitely a second home to him, but he thinks they " look a little hotellish, and I don't mean the Westin" to quote him exactly. I can see his point, although, I just love the vintage feel they have, and the colors are really beautiful up close.

  I bought some clearanced frames from Target, spray painted them white, and voila! I also added a wooden print that my husband bought me off of Etsy for our 5 year anniversary. We got married in San Diego, so it holds a special place in our hearts. My goal is to try and use only things that we have right now to spruce the room up since our budget it extremely tight. I have a lot of beach themed/ Cali items, so for now, it is our Cali room.

Check back for more pics next week! I am really wanting to attempt a DIY headboard, but I just don't know if that will happen! 

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