Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Denim: Splurge and Save

I have been in search for the PERFECT chambray shirt since last summer!! Today, I was browsing in Anthropologie with a friend, and there she ( the chambray perfection) was! I have had the hardest time finding one that was the perfect price point for me, felt comfortable to me while in "mommy mode", and had the perfect wash. I tried it on, and the rest is history! She is resting in my closet preparing to be worn every day for the rest of my life. At nearly $100 after tax, this shirt IS a major splurge for me, but I so don't regret it. I know that I have exhausted my options, so there was no hesitation. It is the kind of shirt I will have years from now.

I also found this denim vest  in the clothing section at Target ( my second home). Whaaa!? I loved it and immediately put it in the cart. I am envisioning wearing this over a sleeveless, black high-low maxi with the perfect wedge sandal. I am thinking of even distressing it a little. What do you think?

Both of these pretties will be traveling to the beach with me in about 2 weeks! 


  1. My denim vest is one of my wardrobe favourites (worn when it's too hot for the denim jacket!) Love this one. x

    1. YES!! I is such a staple! Thanks Alice! :) Your blog is so cute btw!