Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Florida ( Pt. 2)

More photos from our trip! We walked the Pier at sunset. It was beautiful, and so peaceful!

I couldn't wait to walk the pier at sunset one night! Pier walks cost money???? I was clueless. I think that is RIDICULOUS!

 Amara giving me "side - eye" while I am being silly. This is a glimpse into the future when she has her " cool " friends over, and mommy does something that totally embarrasses her ( not to my knowledge).....yeah......

Probably my favorite picture from the whole trip! (above) Her curiosity, and lack of fear, right now amazes me. It is almost like I rediscover things that I don't take the time to appreciate sometimes. Thanks for slowing me down baby girl.

I am going to start calling this hairstyle a pony tail mullet I think...


We ended the night with a ride on the carousel. It totally made me feel like a little kid again!
Amara seemed to really enjoy it, but I have no pictures to prove it. They were all too blurry. Fun times!

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  1. vacay looked gorgeous- and so did you! your outfits are amaaazing