Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Florida ( Pt. 3) ... the end!

Let's get something straight....One Broken Egg in Panama City has THE. ABSOLUTE. BEST breakfast I have ever had. The beignets were ridiculous, and then I ordered an appetizer with chorizo and cream cheese....what!?! Delish...serioulsy! I think  know we freaked our waiter out with how much we were raving.

One of the best things about the trip was that the end of our vacation overlapped with the beginning of my bestie's! We met Lori and Heath in Rosemary Beach ( absolutely BEAUTIFUL), and walked around where they were staying and shopped a little. 

I couldn't get enough of the architecture! All of the small details on these homes were stunning!
Then, we started to all question the line of work we are in ;) This mom gig won't pay for a second home like this... sigh.

Look at that happiness!!!

It felt like a little european town with these alleys, lanterns, and cobblestone walkways.... I just loved it so much!

Later, we went to dinner at a local hot spot called The Red Bar. It seems to be a must try for everyone in town. You could hardly find parking around it, and it was jumpin jumpin. I had some out of this world manicotti and a margarita. It was well worth the wait.

Talk about someone who just "gets you" ( the best that they can) and allows you to be vulnerable and spill your guts....that is this beautiful lady! I appreciate you, Lori! I am so glad that are close enough to want to hang out on our vacations! haha.

Salt of the Earth people.....and superb Amara lovers!

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  1. Love you friend - we were so happy to get to spend that evening with you. Memories made.