Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Play date.

It is day ONE of the TEN days that Gabe is out of the country. I miss him soooo much already. It is the sweetest ( and saddest ) thing to watch Amara listen for, and think she hears "dada". She has said his name every couple of hours since we dropped him off at the airport. Since we are both in a funk from missing our guy, I am attempting to occupy every waking moment of our time. I would say it is more for me than her. I get really anxious and can't sit still, so I am always wanting to go eat somewhere or shop somewhere or do SOMETHING!

 Today, we got to hang out with two of my fav mommies, and their sweet babies. Time is so sweet together. Our kids have been around each other since they were born, and there is just a great comfort in being with two women who have seen you in your pjs at one time or another with no make-up on. It was so hot outside today, so we opted for the puppet show at the library. It was my first time taking Amara and it was AMAZING! Then, we headed to grab some yummy Mexican food and some gelato. It is always a good day when gelato is involved. Amara also got a new pair of sandals. She is becoming quite the shoe shopper. So much that she is turning me into a shoe lover. When I try a pair of shoes on her and ask her if she likes them, she responds with a little laugh. How can you NOT buy them!?!?! Yesterday, I bought her a pair of glittery knock off Tom's from Target. Ummm, they are too big for her little feet, but the fact that she refused to take them off and keeps pointing at them and talking with her excited little melts me.

There is something to be said for mommy/daughter time. I really want to enjoy these days while daddy is gone. One day, I won't be cool enough to hang out with. It is just part of life. I am stocking up on memories, ya know?

She loves mommy's hats!


Sitting petite and pretty

The yummiest chicken enchilada with lemon cream sauce.

Amara loved the queso of course. I am pretty sure that is all she ate for lunch.

We are raising a "hugger". I love her affectionate heart!

Local honey & peanut butter gelato at Legato Gelato in Edgehill....yes, please!

Where did my baby go? She is growing up so quickly....and becoming quite the shopper.
Shoes are her weakness ( new sandals pictured ;)

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