Monday, April 22, 2013

We're baaaack! ( Florida Pt. 1)

We made it back home from FL on Friday evening! I miss the beach already, and I am definitely daydreaming about our next vacation....possibly withOUT a child in tow. I love the memories we got to make on this trip, but traveling with a toddler is EXHAUSTING, and hardly feels like a vacation in certain instances. It just feels like you are doing regular life in a different place.

 We only really got ONE beach day due to windy weather and chilly temps, but one day in the water is better than none! We felt so blessed to stay in a friend's condo, which totally helped out with the expense of the trip. Favorite parts of the trip: salted caramel gelato, an omelette with cream cheese and chorizo, walking around Rosemary Beach with people we love, shopping in some BEAUTIFUL boutiques, naps on the balcony right on the beach, watching Amara splashing in the pool with daddy, and our morning in Seaside where I had the best grilled cheese ever.....just to name a few. It was just so nice to get away!!

There are a fair amount of pics below.....and this is only the first of 3 posts :)

We spent most of the mornings on the balcony. It was the first thing Amara would run to when she woke up! I can't blame her.

Our view...


Our power breakfast a couple of mornings!

Amara DID NOT like the sand, sooo.....

We opted for pool time with daddy, which went over really well.

Beach curls.... love!

We caught an amazing drum solo in Seaside.


  1. SO fun! That condo looks amazing! Sounds like a relaxing vacation considering you were with a toddler- change of scenery and good food at least!!

  2. Gosh she is just getting cuter and cuter! Love Rosemary Beach and Seaside ... glad ya'll enjoyed it and hopefully you'll get a child-free vacay as well, and soon :)