Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Morning Silence

 I have NEVER been a morning person! When I was pregnant, people would always tell me " Well, get ready because when that baby gets here, you will never be able to sleep in!" The thing is....we put Amara down between 8 and 9 pm ( sometimes later if we are partying hard), so she sleeps pretty well into the morning. I have always just slept in until I heard her little voice waking me up. However, I recently woke up the other morning wide awake, and Amara was still sleeping. I took the time to make myself a cup of coffee, some breakfast and just relax. It is a great time to do my devotional for the day too. I just never make the effort to give myself that beautiful, SILENT time in the morning. I really want to try and adjust my schedule so that I can take that moment before my day starts to just "gear up" and move at my own slow pace. I love the smell of coffee. I love the sounds of making coffee.....all of that stuff that you don't hear when you have a husband, baby and dog running around. 

 Here is to my new morning silence! Jenni, just get your butt in bed earlier so you can give this to yourself. It is so worth it!! Some coffee ( pour over style) and yummy breakfast doesn't hurt. :)

My absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast right now. I am sure I will tire of it soon! ;)

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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