Thursday, May 9, 2013

Zoo day

 We went to the zoo yesterday for the first time this season, and it was an ABSOLUTE PERFECT DAY to be outside. Amara and I met up with our sweet friends, and kicked off our little adventure with a carousel ride. You guys....I have been anxiously awaiting this zoo trip because Amara is starting to really take note of the things around her, especially babies and animals. We made animal sounds in the car on the way to the zoo ( gotta get her prepped, ya know?), and it just made her laugh so hard. I just knew that she would get a kick out of seeing these animals that we mimic day in and day out.

  It is just so much fun watching this little bean that was in my tummy not even two years ago growing into a full -blown little girl. I think that is why the zoo was so fun for me today.... because Amara is starting to interact and enjoy outings like these, and to be honest, there is just nothing that makes me happier than watching her be happy and so amused. Period! Although, a close second would be the watermelon snow cone and soft pretzel that I had today.

Snow cones just make you feel like a the best way possible. 

I know it is hard to tell my legs apart from the Goat hair, but they ARE two different things.

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