Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2 year check up!

We are kicking off Amara's second year of life this week. Loved all of the birthday festivities, but I am also glad that they are all over :) Time to "relax".....yeah, right!

We had Amara's 2 year check up today! Things are looking good. She is almost to the 50th percentile for height and weight, perfection (physically), and just an overall healthy/happy baby girl. I have a very cautious, lets be on the safe side, better now than later pediatrician, which I am so grateful for. He was MY pediatrician and a child, and I am so lucky to get to be able to bring Amara to him as well. It feels like family! Anyway, he mentioned possibly having a speech evaluation done in home by the state just to MAKE SURE that she is where she needs to be. I expressed to him that for the most part, I understand what she is saying, but family is still kind of lost when she talks sometimes?? The biggest thing that prompted his recommendation for the evaluation is that Amara's "f" is an "s". So, "Phone" is "shone" to her. I am not really concerned, but I think anytime you walk out of a check up with anything less than "everything looks great!", your mind starts to play mean tricks on your heart. I am going to schedule it and would appreciate prayer!

Amara did NOT like the doctor touching her with his "intsruments" today. No matter how much he let her play with them or how sweet he was with her, she would just cry every time he needs to examine her ears, eyes, nose, count her fingers, wiggle her legs, etc. I also told her that there would be no shots involved at this check up. Whoops....mommy lied! I hate that....I was totally set up for failure. She ended up having to get her finger pricked to test her iron and she also got the flu mist vaccine. All I can say, is thank goodness for stickers and ring pops. Today's visit exhausted us both. Then, we went to Target and got her the cutest fall jacket, which made us both feel better....I am pretty sure.

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