Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Amara Claire!!


 Baby are turning TWO today! Technically you become a toddler today around 11:35 am, but I am still going to call you my baby. This birthday is an emotional one for mommy because not only are you older, you are acting older. You have grabbed your independence by the horns and run with it. Still, you asking mommy or daddy for "help" is something I won't tire from anytime soon. I promise you that! It is mixed emotion though. The only part that is "sad" is that I can't just hold you in my arms 24/7 (selfishly). All the rest of my emotion is pure joy and happiness.

 Sure, there is a day set aside to celebrate your birth, but you need to know that I celebrate you...God celebrates you every. single. day. He and I have a lot of conversations about you...good ones too! He has big plans for you, ya know? I owe more than I could ever possibly give to Him for bringing you into our lives on such a sweet morning. If the way that I look at you is the way that He looks at us all, mommy is taking note! We are loooooved!!!! You have shown us how to look at people through YOUR eyes, how to love better, how to take moments out of our day to have tickle fights in bed ( because they are necessary), how to dance like nobody is watching, how a smile can change someone's entire mindset, how singing loud and off key can be a favorite sound just to name a few.

I literally have tears pouring down my face at this very moment. I am so overwhelmed, and cannot put this last year into words for some reason. I tried reading this aloud to daddy, and I couldn't make it past the second sentence.

You make us smile and laugh! You offer up great cuddles without us asking. You are helpful, loving, kind, funny, sweet, sassy, laid back, curious, pure, sensitive, trusting, adventurous and so much more.
We love you from the pit of our hearts! Thank you for two of the best years of our lives!!

Happy baby!
 Mommy ( and Daddy)

Here is Amara's 2nd year video ....


  1. Amara is the cutest little 2 year old I have ever laid my eyes on! Happy birthday, pretty lady! - Court |

  2. Awww. Thanks so much Courtenay..... I am a bias mommy for sure ;) Thanks for reading about her special day! Means a lot!!

  3. This is the most precious video I've ever seen! Made me smile, laugh, and brought tears to my eyes. She is such a special little girl - not baby anymore!!- and we love her so much! She is so very loved by everyone she comes into contact with. I can't wait to see what this next year brings!!!

    1. Thanks Aunt Leah! We are so blessed that she gets to grow up with such amazing friends and family!! Our life doesnt seem real to us sometimes. Love you!

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  5. I was playing this while I fed me 3mo and she stopped eating & smiled this HUGE smile. :) It's even more precious because almost nothing tears this girl away from here food!