Friday, November 1, 2013

And the owl says... "Whoo Whoo!"

Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!! I am a little behind in posting pics because Halloween got "postponed" here in Nashville due to Tornado watches and stormy weather. Kind of a bummer, but man... I am sooooo glad that we got to celebrate tonight because it was beautiful out.

If I am being honest, I will tell you that I am not really into Halloween. I am okay not decorating for it, I  don't enjoy being scared, and quite honestly.... I don't really like giving out candy. I know! I know! I know! I am an awful person. I actually didn't even think I would enjoy trick or treating with Amara, but after the first house we went to all of my preconceived ideas I had of how our night would go were NULL. AND. VOID!!

You guys, Amara absolutely loved trick or treating. We did zero prep for the evening. I didn't even know if she could say the phrase "trick or treat!". So on our way to our friends' house I asked her to say it and she did. Then, she said it about 50,000 more times that night. She alternated between "trick or treat!" and "thank you!" on the way up the stairs before even getting to the doors and on the way down the stairs after getting her goods. One after the other.....she just talked the entire time. She dragged her bucket on the ground the whole way. I offered to carry it for her several times, but she insisted on carrying it herself. She is just so independent these days. Gabe and I just watched her with pride. She just seems more grown everyday (well, because she is technically), and while it makes me a TINY bit sad, it makes smile even more.

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