Tuesday, December 10, 2013

27 months!!

It is time for me to do an update on Amara. I feel like this last month has been full of so many new behaviors, sayings, emotions, and looks on her part. It has been pretty much the coolest thing ever to watch. We are praising God for her good health, carrying on conversations with actual sentences ( well, small sentences), getting lots of kisses from her without asking, and watching her a lot when she isn't looking. We are just soaking every bit of it up!!!

Some of our FAVORITE things that she is saying right now....I am not making any of this up!

"Come on, mommy!"
Oooooh, come on daddy..." ( as in "come on.... why don't you want to play?")
"I riiiiiiight back."
"awwww, thats's cute!"
"You okay?"
"mommy, I happy" ( that one is my favorite, and makes me want to cry happy tears every. single. time)
"what happened?"
"I okay!"
"It's warm." ( referring to food)
"It's cold outside."
"I likey shoes, socks, hair, bracelet,etc."
"You look pretty mommy!"
"Clean up...everybody share!" ( her attempt to sing the "cleanup" song..."clean up clean up, everybody do your share.")
"Daddy sing Toby!" ( referring to who daddy sings with)
"hmmmmm" as she taps her finger on her lips
" I love you too"
"Its baleeeeew" (blue)
" I see baby quick" ( when she wants to go see a random strangers baby and kiss it on the head)
"Awww, thank you!" as she bows after strumming a guitar or singing in her microphone

I am just so overwhelmed with how much she is learning and taking in. I am impressed with her social skills these days. She is so friendly and loves to talk :) I love her sensitive heart, her joyful spirit, and so much more. My cup is continually overflowing, and I am just so humbled by God's grace for me as a mom. I make mistakes every day, but I am so thankful that I am not doing this alone. I have an amazing husband also that puts in the time as a dad. We love those little moments that show us that the day of stress yesterday or the moment of correcting Amara and watching tears fall .....its all worth it when we see her sweet behavior come pouring out.

As, I end this post.....I just looked over to my left to see Amara pick up her baby doll and say "Hi baby,  I hold you?" Then, she proceeded to rock it and sing "God loves you, Amen!"

Thank you Lord....You are SO good!!

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  1. and all these adorable saying are made even more adorable by her little husky voice!! she's the cutest!